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Pour le Dieu que ce Wyrdborn est devenu après avoir atteint l'apothéose, voir Vodaluss.

Les fiches de personnages incarnés par des joueurs sont laissées dans leur langue originale.

Vodaluss was born in 1854 in the United States. The first twenty years of his life were spent training. Having had very little contact with his divine father Houyi, Vodaluss was mainly raised and trained by his mother, Dragoness Aliavossi.
However, seeing hatred for humans fill her son's heart more and more, Aliavossi refused to finish his training. This filled Vodaluss with rage and sent him on a rampage, which ended with being kicked out by his mother, who realized she had raised a monster - even by Dragon standards.

Vodaluss spent the next couple of years doing what he felt was right - killing humans. His methods were simple: kill, then move on. The lack of links between victims and the lack of communication at the time across the US States led to him acquiring a body count in the hundreds.

Realizing that this was too little to kill the billions of humans throughout the World, Vodaluss went to Northern Africa, where he founded a cult dedicated to himself. Living around humans was difficult, but regular collective suicides sated his bloodlust.

When the First World War broke out, Vodaluss used his cultists' funds to finance weapon dealings with both sides, in particular chemical weapons. After the Great War was over, Vodaluss found himself at the head of the country of Moldova. a true Tyrant, he made his subjects build him ever-greater statues and palaces. The USSR absorbed Moldova in 1924, and Stalin gained an advisor in Vodaluss, who set up the gulag program throughout the Union.

In World War II, Vodaluss used his links to Stalin to command a small army. After the war, he used his former soldiers to attempt a coup and start total thermonuclear warfare, but failed. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2989, he left the World, dejected, to drown his sorrows in the Winter Court of Fairie.

In the years that followed Vodaluss realized that despite being superior to humans, the Mythborn were considered below the Gods. Becoming God of Tyrants would be impossible as long as Gods cared for Humans more than for Mythborn. The arrival of Nott in the Winter Court became the perfect opportunity to unite the Mythborn around a common enemy, but Vodaluss' host Ghillie Dhu was skeptical. Until the arrival of a group of Godborn led by Ojutaï.