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Valeska Gert, Godborn of Manannán mac Lir, is an Irish ship captain. Through her extensive Water and Psychopomp powers, Valeska travels wherever she pleases in order satisfy her Enech Geas of Adventure.

Valeska was born in 1962 on the isle of Man, a small island near british coasts. She did not have the chance the be raised by her mother who died while giving birth to her. She was fostered by her aunt, Mallaury Gert who raised her as her own daughter on this land sheltered from mad men stayed in UK. Her childhood was happy, surely thanks to her abilities to make new friends. She loved to play hide&seek in the harbour, surprising her friends by seeking them with quite uncommon methods. She was not aware that walking through ships hulls was not something common mortals could do…

As time flew by, her powers were growing, triggering bathtub overflows, house floods and unexpected vanishings. When Valeska was 9 years old, her aunt could not cope with all these events anymore and called her own father: General Seanmhair Gert. Valeska's grandfather hoped since her birth that his granddaughter would not be gratified with these abilities and, for her protection, gave her to her aunt. Being himself a member of the Cabal, he was well aware of the existence of Titans and Gods and the harsh laws applying on their divine progeny. Disappointed Valeska could not live a normal life - but unwilling to give her up to the Cabal - he sent her in a secluded Otherworld where her abilities would seem quite anodyne: The Eternal Islands.

Valeska was welcomed within a group of Mythborn monks and spent 9 years learning how to use her powers, training her combat skills and studying various Otherworlds. Event though she was spending quite a large amount of time studying, she never missed an opportunity to fly from her mentors to explore islands in the neighbourhood. Each year she was visited by Seanmhair for her progress to be evaluated and he was always careful not to answer the only question Valeska was always asking: "Who is my father?"

When she reached 18, Valeska decided to follow her heart and go on an adventure. Her first one was to leave The Eternal Islands in order to visit her aunt. From adventure to adventure, she discovered the World and it is in a Finnish pub she met Conle Cetchatach, a Godborn of Lugh, who invited her on his ship. She politely declined his offer, claiming she had to keep exploring all the worlds in order to find her father. Between two sips, Conle answered her it was not easy to find Manannán mac Lir. First stunned by the Godborn's reveal, she stayed mute for a moment but eventually punched him in the jaw, angry the answer was revealed to her that easily. Determined not to let go, an epic duel took place between both Godborns. A duel Conle won.
In order to apologize and reckon Valeska's courage, Conle gave her his sword Beryl:"I give it to you while you are discovering every worlds, take care of it for me".
This is how Valeska began her collaboration with the Gods.