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Les fiches de personnages incarnés par des joueurs sont laissées dans leur langue originale.

Tesseract is the alias of a menacing artist and serial murderer Godborn, who participated in the jungle foray to rescue Julio Mendez. His divine parent's identity, Isis, is currently a mystery to him, and he hopes that his service to the Pesdejet and creation of his masterpiece will bring him this enlightenment that he craves.
A severe sociopath, Tesseract is mostly concerned with pushing the limits of meaning and art expressed through various media, for example painting in the blood of his victims, or solving elegant maths problems. He has explored a new form of geometric Runic Magic focused on 4th dimensional shapes and illusions, which serve as cruel traps and prisons for those unfortunate to cross him, becoming part of his masterpiece forever.

Having grown up in the Bazaars of Giza, Tesseract was fascinated with art and culture from a young age, becoming a prodigy at sculpture, illustration, poetry and even butcher's work. His first painting left his father transfixed, unable to look away for 2 straight days, the first example of his supernatural abilities. Now, he sells his haunting art on the black market to anonymous high bidders, to use for their own enigmatic purposes.

He never openly removes his heavy ceramic mask, except in occasions of extraordinary triumph, or to give a subject a final, good look into his razor sharp blue eyes.

Since the complicated resolution of his initial mission, Tesseract has gone under the radar, with unconfirmed sightings at various locations across the world. These often correspond with macabre killings and odd symbols in the area.

"The world is cruel… it doesn't have to be ugly."