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Pour la Déesse que cette Godborn est devenue après avoir atteint l'apothéose, voir Rain.

Les fiches de personnages incarnés par des joueurs sont laissées dans leur langue originale.

Rain, Godborn of Osiris, is a member of Soaring Anarchy and an expert at manipulating the fine line between Life and Death.

Rain's life was uneventful early on. She was born to a mother who crafted windchimes and worked at a garden depot. Yet … mom was strangely wealthy! Rain never really thought much of it, instead being a kid with her head in the clouds. She was always staring off into space, daydreaming in class or wandering off. Outside of that, she was pretty ordinary.

Little did she know dad was in fact, a freaking War God that would make Frank Miller wet his pants. She seemed positively loopy to an outside observer, forever in her own little world and logic system. Rain made plenty of little friends though and did pretty well in school. She practically never got into trouble though, so many parents felt comfortable when she hung out around their kids. Coming from a relatively wealthy home probably helped, though no one could figure out how her mom did it. As it turns out, her mom was an arms dealer; which might explain why Osiris wandered in. Sorta.

Sometimes the gods play Pokemon and trade or bargain a spare Godborn off. In Rain’s case, Osiris was allowed to pull her over to his cause thanks to a few nice relics and a freaking sweet war chariot. And sometimes they want to protect their investments. After Rain’s mom was nearly extorted using Rain as bait, Osiris saw an opening. After the equivalent of a divine Sudoku game, Osiris left for a while and figured visitation would come later. Still, he’d made inroads. Rain never could figure out why felt like she’d just either been suckered or pulled into something without realizing it. Until her visitation when she was about 22. At least she had the ability to finish a degree in botany.

She landed a job as a gunsmith and got a small part of her inheritance to live on thanks to some experience and a minor in materials engineering. Still, there's not much divine action in Seattle for her, so Rain packed off to Scotland to see what the heck was happening there (and maybe set up shop). While most of a war god's kids might give Frank Millers' Spartans a run for their money, or become practical, functioning versions of Liefield characters (With feet and pockets that make sense), some are quieter, more subtle than others While Rain is decidedly not bald or featured in any video games, she found swinging a weapon about or wrestling … not to match her tastes. Though it was fun to watch! And sometimes even the smoothest politician needs someone dealt with /quietly/. So Osiris left some of her old heritage intact. Less work for him and it’s really the mind and spirit he tends to sculpt.

Still, her battle cry is “NOT THE FACE!” and she’s hardly a bruiser. She didn’t even realize she got suckered into taking on a few chores on the way to Scotland, either. Dealing with someone’s wayward magic dogs, trimming some mystical hedges… She’s not completely new, but Rain is a fairly fresh Godborn, all in all.