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Pour la Déesse que cette Godborn est devenue après avoir atteint l'apothéose, voir Khepri.

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Khepri, Godborn of Sekhmet, is a member of Soaring Anarchy.

Growing up in Egypt, Khepri rose to noteworthiness as the leader of an anti-communist insurgency group. Noticed by her mother, Khepri was being groomed to become a strong leader of men and exceptional warrior. Sekhmet, frustrated with the patience and inaction of the Neter in the face of Aten's attacks, planned on bringing more war-prone Gods to her Pantheon, and take the fight to the Titans.

Possessing unique powers allowing her to enhance her body through lion-like traits, Khepri was an expert of stealth, close-quarter combat, leadership, and earning the adoration of her subjects.