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Pour le Dieu que ce Godborn est devenu après son apothéose, voir Zerris.

Les fiches de personnages incarnés par des joueurs sont laissées dans leur langue originale.

Life started pretty well for Matt Drale. Adopted at the age of 2 by a loving couple, he spent the next 13 years of his life school. Thanks to his father (an engineer for the army by profession) he started to get into tinkering as a hobby after watching and even helping his father repair the car. This hobby in tinkering developed into a desire to master all things technical and a love of building odd contraptions (which he sometimes gave to his parents as birthday and Christmas gifts) his prized creation being his robotic eagle named Edge. Unfortunately for Matt, he was the target of bullies resulting in constant dread when he went to school.

As time went on, there was a gradual yet noticeable change in not only Matt’s demeanour, but the function of his creations as well. What used to be interesting little gadgets designed to help out daily life or simply provide amusement became tools that would not look out of place on a villain from a sci fi series (of which Matt was an avid fan). Creations like a stealth field that he used to play elaborate (and sometimes violent) pranks as retribution on his tormentors as well unit that dispersed a cloud of mind influencing pheromones that he used to get out of trouble when he was ratted out. These “victories” against the “savages” that tormented him with rocks and sticks only served to solidify his belief that technology was superior in every way to anything that could be deemed “primitive”. Unfortunately, this only served to draw more unwanted attention from the shadier parts of the military who started observing Matt covertly, after one of their field agents observed a demonstration of Matt’s father showing off one of tools his son gave him the previous Christmas to his co-workers. When the agent saw the seemingly ordinary screwdriver transform into a wrench and then into a hammer, he subtly probed Matt father who revealed his Son as the creator of such (at the time) interesting kit even going so far as to show of a lens that could analyse mechanical objects in a heartbeat. After reporting this to his superiors, observation of Matt began when he was 15.

By the time Matt was sixteen, his observers had witnessed most of his “arsenal” which quite often made some of the military’s tech look primitive in comparison. It was at this time that one agent posing as an official from the military, came by Matts house. With both of his parents present and offering a substantial amount of money, the agent tried to buy off Matt for some of his more “interesting” inventions. Even though they were present, both his parents agreed it was Matts choice. Since his father had recently retired from the military and was now earning a lower wage, this tempted Matt and likely would have been enough for him to turn his inventions over. Unfortunately his experiences with his peers had convinced him that humanity as a whole was not ready to use his inventions and would almost certainly cause more harm than good. This did not go over well. After the official had “politely” suggested Matt reconsider and subsequently being “politely” told no again, Matts father decided to intervene, asking the “official” to leave. It was at this point that the agent having been ordered to bring in the schematics to the tools they desired or the boy himself pulled out a silenced pistol and shot Matts parents in the head with ruthless efficiency. As he turned on the boy, Matt activated his stealth field. Unfortunately while this was enough to fool teenage bullies, it wasn’t enough to fool a trained agent. As the agent approached the teen, Matt closed his eyes preparing for the inevitable while sub consciously willing a way out of this predicament. It was then that he heard a metallic screech and opened his eyes to see his faithful robot eagle Edge hovering protectively in front of him. In the blink of an eye, Edges torso opened up to reveal what looked like a high tech cannon and fired. The agent being too stunned to react was hit by a ball of energy which reduced him to a smouldering pile of ash.

All at once a flurry of emotions passed through Matt. Rage at the agent, sorrow at the deaths of his parents and confusion at Edge who was now back to normal having just used a piece of equipment that had never been installed on him. So he just stood there for what seemed like an eternity alternating between looking at the corpses of his parents, the pile of ash and his robotic counterpart. Eventually though he snapped out of his trance understanding just how it probably looked with him in a room with his dead parents and a pile of ash that smelled somewhat like flesh. Realising this he packed a few supplies and some of his best gadgets. Then summoning Edge onto his shoulder, he struck a match, set fire to a few bits of furniture and exited through the back door never once looking back at the building inferno that used to be his home despite the approaching sirens.

For a few weeks he got by living in back street alleys and got money by selling some of his less impressive gadgets or doing odd jobs. He also spent some time improving his new powers over technology from creating devices out of thin air to upgrading existing ones using nothing but a thought. That was until he met a man who brought him to a small rather oddly empty café. While cautious being in an almost abandoned building with a stranger, Matt was confident he could escape should the need arise. It was at this point though that the stranger started shimmering and suddenly changed appearance into another being. He claimed to be the Celtic God Lugh and that Matt was in fact his son. He then went onto explain how Matts powers and technological prowess were due to an ability known as technodruidsm which as the name implied allow the user control over technology as well as how this could be harnessed to be able to communicate with the spirits within objects known as Kamis. While Matt was appreciative of finally understanding the origins of his gifts, he was less pleased by Lugh's sudden appearance in his life. He straight up shouted at the God that if he was indeed Matts father he should have been taking care of him or at least made his existence known sooner. Instead he left it to a couple who ended up dead because of it and sat around doing nothing. While he ranted, Lugh simply listened and took it. Once Matt was finished, Lugh told him what is past cannot be undone. That only the future could be changed. He then stood up and started leaving the café. Before leaving however he turned back and stated that he was truly sorry for the hardships Matt had to endure and as a start to perhaps make amends he gave Matt the details for a man who would offer him a job and room and board if he said “Jimmy Manson” sent him as well as fake papers with a new identity. To complete the change he magically altered Matts appearance to match the pictures on the fake ID. After that with a final nod, Lugh vanished. And in the spot where once Matt Drale stood now stood Carl Zerris. The newly named Carl then left the café to meet the contact Lugh had left him. He hoped he was done with the Gods since what had they ever really done for him? All he really wanted to do was live. Well that and do what he could find the people responsible for his “real” parents’ deaths and make them pay. Only time would tell what Fate had in store for him……