These Angels form the bulk of Aten's armies, wielding Light, Lightning and Fire in service of their Lord. As military forces, their skills for going unnoticed through humans is little, and as such they are used more on the front lines than in operations throughout the World.
Priests of Aten go hand in hand with the ground forces, and are not peaceful or unarmed. Instead, they use their booming voices and shimmering presence to encourage their troops or disarm their opponents.
Aten's Generals are masters of Might and Magic, beautiful beyond measure, and natural leaders. The oldest, wisest, craftiest of Aten's servants, there is no Archangel who has not spent centuries undermining and plotting against its rivals to seize more of Aten's favor.
Cherubs are the weakest of Aten's Titanspawn. Though they appear like cute children, they in reality are small fanged demons with wrinkled skin, bat-like wings, and small, cruel eyes. The glamour common to all of Aten's Titanspawn is even more prominent with those Cherubs.

Not all Djinn fled or were destroyed when Hyperion was absorbed by Aten. Many decided to hitch their wagon to the new train in town. Forming the Conclave of the Illuminatus, these Djinn now work together with Aten to further his ambitions.

The trickiest of Aten's Angels are sent out to the World to found cults and proclaim salvation through Aten. Planting the seeds that allow Aten's invasions to begin, these False Saviors are geniuses at manipulation and brainwashing.
Aten has always loved the Phoenix. Its constant rebirth reminds him of his younger days when he had to scrape and bow but always rose up higher and stronger until he became the greatest Light that ever was. As such, most of Aten's armies are supported by legions of those nobles beasts, raining Fire from above.
Though all of Aten's Titanspawn are familiar with glamours, Mask Makers are the true master of that elusive art. Teachers and scientists, Mask Makers work towards perfecting their art and ensuring that all of Aten's agents are undetectable and can perform their work without interruption.

Not all of Aten's front-line fighters are Angels. The silver Shining Knights are expression of the infinite reflections of light, and as such wherever Aten's armies can be found, so can groups of these silent Knights, shimmering in and out of existence.

When Aten needs an army pacified in record time, he calls forth the Will Breakers. Native of the deserts of Aether, these creatures are the most naturally-gifted users of Heku in Aether, and take great pleasure in bending others to their will.
Zhulong's trusted Dragon spawn have followed him in his exile from Aether. Now working for their creator's secret agenda, a great number of Dragons are bidding their time until Zhulong's return.

Minor Titanspawn native of the deserts around Amarna, great numbers of these snakes roam the endless wastes of Aether.

D8GSDOF.jpgGolden Knights are the remnants of Hyperion's forces, now tribal nomads wandering and surviving through the Overworld. Some take up work with various Avatars, using their martial skills and natural leadership skills to take up positions of importance.
After the defeat of Hyperion, Aten trapped his Djinn servants in lamps. Many were freed, lost or forgotten over the centuries, and end up in the most unexpected places. Lamp Djinn work together with whoever holds the lamp, but are not always happy about it. Nevertheless, they are honorable beings and will not betray the finder.

Those formerly noble creatures have grown feral since their creator's demise. Untamed even by Aten, they now roam the deserts of Aether, hunting and feeding on whatever their jaws can crush.

Coatl are a tumultuous race, and not all are content to just travel through the Winds. Some decide that fighting by any means to ensure their supremacy and uncontested use of the Sky is the true calling of a Coatl. Wielding storm powers granted by their patron, these Coatl patrol Huracán's territory, on the lookout for easy prey.
Not all of Amaunet's creatures can fly - the lowest, simplest servants of Huracán are Lightning Trolls, brutish creatures who crush obstacles with booming thunder rather than any kind of intellect. Trusted for nothing but simple tasks, they nevertheless pose a challenge if let loose on the World.

The first Steel Coatl was a gift to Huracán from Dis Pater. The Stormlord quickly became very appreciative at their obediance and immunity to lightning. Nimble, silent, and numerous, these creatures have long lost any sense of thought and instead proceed to swoop in giant swarms to tear apart whatever they are aimed at.

For Huracán to continue on with his endless pursuit of domination, he needs an army. Huracán is no fool, and knows the constraints of organized combat. As such, he has devised a way to create and supply armies directly on the field. The towering Storm Broodlords, taking up the size of cities and surrounded by buzzing escorts, spawn throngs of Titanspawn, ensuring that the Storm never relents.

Typhon attracts and rewards power and freedom, and nothing is more sacred to him than a creature able to soar on the winds with a mighty roar, the tempest following in its wake. This is a message that has been tempting Dragons for millenia, and many have joined the ranks of the Sky Monster, especially those who had grown increasingly angry at the Gods' neglect towards their race.

When Ouranos was neutered by Kronus, Typhon was left as the lone Avatar of the Sky's Destruction. Enraged, he created a race designed to destroy peace and calm, and spread rage and chaos over Amaunet. Today still, the Cloud Breakers are the greatest of Typhon's children, and the Cloud Layer constantly shakes under their wrath.
TWmMUet.jpgThese Myrmidons are the most common of Typhon's Titanspawn, originally created to meet Zeus' armies on the field in the second Titanomachy. Riding the storms on top of solid Lightning, the Stormborn are spread out throughout Amaunet.
Not all Djinn dwell in Aether. Even during Hyperion's reign, Djinn floated freely between it and the Cloud Layer of Amaunet. Cloud Djinn act as advisors and scholars for Ouranos' younger Titanspawn, and not one cloud city exists without Djinn to oversee its day-to-day functions.


2VemyQY.jpgThe fields of Ouranos' kingdoms are filled with clouds carefully being tended by groups of Titanspawn. The tall Cloud Keepers have that task, and have been performing it calmly and dutifully over centuries. Usually peaceful, they protect their flock through wiping any will to fight from enemies instead of using brute force.Amaunet.